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Getting your website live is great, but what if you’re still not visible for search engines like Google? Search Engine Optimization comes to the rescue and is your key to success. SEO consists of three different factors. Besides optimizing your content, you have to look at your website’s technique and authority too. MODX can help you with all three factors. How this powerful CMS does that is something you’ll read more about here!


What is SEO?

Being visible for online search engines is crucial. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is optimizing your website to make it visible for search engines. As we said before, the Google ranking looks at three different factors:

  1. Technic - When you’re website is technically stronger, you’re website will be more visible. Improving the technique can be done by making the website mobile friendly and by making the code as clean as possible.

  2. Content - The better your content is, the better your visibility will be. Make sure your content is relevant, scannable, the images have the right descriptions, and your linking structure is well thought-out.

  3. Authority - Authority is all about popularity; how many websites are linking to your site, and how relevant are these links?

The better you optimize all three factors, the better your visibility will be for search engines like Google. This asks for expertize and time. Time well spent, because being visible for organic traffic is crucial for your organization. This way, people will easily find your website to get what they are looking for.



MODX has been developed with the focus on optimizing for search engines. The CMS does this by not loading your website with unnecessary code and by giving you the choice on how to create URLs. By not overloading your website with code, the search engines don’t have to crawl through every piece of code but easily get to the most important part of the website: content.


MODX Extras for SEO

Besides the standard light code of this CMS, MODX offers several plugins, or MODX Extras, to help you with your SEO. These MODX Extras help you for example with bringing a logic structure to your texts, influence what should be indexed by Google, checking several SEO criteria, and by offering a preview of search results. For this are three MODX Extras that have been downloaded by thousands of people worldwide: SEO Pro, SEO Tab, and SEO Suite.



SEO Pro is an SEO tool that offers guidelines to optimize your web page. By adding focus keywords, SEO Pro shows feedback for the page title, the SEO title which is shown in the Google search results, the meta description and the alias (the URL). This feedback checks if keywords are used and what a good amount of words is.



Besides the MODX Extra SEO Pro, you also have SEO Tab to help you. This MODX Extra can be used for choosing which pages are indexed by Google and which aren’t. This way, two matching pages (duplicate content) can be published without getting penalized by Google. This comes in handy when you want to use one page for SEO and another for SEA. By indexing the SEO page, Google can find you organically and a SEA page doesn’t have to be indexed, because you pay for standing on top.

SEO Tab also automatically creates 301 redirects when you change the URL of your web page when you let pages be another page’s subpage, for example. The 301 redirects are used to keep your SEO authority for a specific page you scored with in Google. This authority is redirected to the new page, losing the minimum amount of authority (+/- 10%).


SEO Suite

SEO Suite is a premium MODX Extra used for redirecting a visitor automatically to the most relevant page when they search with an old URL. This way, 404 errors get automatically solved, because they redirect the old URLs to a new relevant page.

Read this to get more information about our MODX Extras (but be warned, it’s pretty techie ;) )


MODX scripts for page speed

Besides our MODX Extras, Sterc also developed several scripts that enhance the visibility of your website. A few examples for this are scripts that automatically change the images of your website to the new image format Webp, which is developed by Google. This file format is smaller and thereby enhances the loading speed of your website, which is an important ranking factor for Google. Using this script, you can upload each and every file format and the script automatically changes it to the new file format.

Another script we developed is a script that automatically optimizes the images. Uploaded online images are not optimized for the full 100%, not even when you set this in Photoshop. This script checks all the images every hour and optimizes them in the best possible way.


SEO tips

Now you know a little more about SEO and how MODX contributes to this, it is important to take a look at this list of SEO tips:

  • Don’t overuse the number of keywords in your content. Your content has to stay readable for Google as well as for your users;

  • Keep the reader in mind when writing your content. The visitors to your website have to be the most important when writing. They’re eventually the ones that buy stuff, not Google;

  • Keep your structure logic: a descriptive header on top, set as H1. The subtitles (H2 and H3) follow and can be used several times throughout the text;

  • Use your keywords in the H1, H2 en H3 headings and in the first 100 words of content. These are the content that can easily be scanned by Google and your users;

  • Use clear and descriptive alt-texts for your images;

  • Keep your image formats small and your website fast, light and clean.

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