What Can You Do With HubSpot's Marketing Hub?

HubSpot Marketing Hub

It's no secret that we absolutely love the next-level marketing and sales toolkit HubSpot. It offers us all the tools needed to bring our marketing, sales, and service to the next level. So we can get started with inbound and help leads and customers in the best way possible. Because we adore this toolkit so much and get so many questions about it, we take you through it in our blog series about the different hubs. This first blog, we'll focus on the Marketing Hub.


Marketing Hub

The Marketing Hub consists of Marketing Hub Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. You can also use HubSpot for free, so we'll also show you those features. We'll not only show you the tooling, but we'll also show you how to use it, and the limitations tools have in some plans.


Free Marketing Hub Features

HubSpot's foundation is all about its free CRM tool, which you can use to save all contact data and interactions in one overview. Besides this free CRM, the Marketing, Sales, and Service Hub offer other free tools. 


These are the free tools the Marketing Hub offers:

  • Forms: Standalone HubSpot forms, pop-up forms, external forms, and embedded forms with GDPR options. HubSpot's free forms contain HubSpot branding and no further styling options.
  • Email marketing: Create, edit, and send bulk emails such as newsletters directly from within HubSpot, with a drag and drop editor and simple personalization. The free tool lets you send 2,000 emails each month with HubSpot branding.
  • Ad management: Connect HubSpot with the supported ad networks Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads, create website audiences, and see how your ads help you achieve your goals. Each month, you get a maximum of $1K spending limit, and you can connect 2 different ad channels.

HubSpot Ad Management

  • List segmentation: Create static and smart lists based on various criteria within your contacts, and use these for personalizing email, your digital platform, and more. The free Marketing Hub grants access to 5 smart lists that automatically update and 25 static lists to manually add new contacts. Besides, you can only filter based on form data, contact properties, and marketing email activity (such as opens and clicks). Great for creating a list of invitees for events, mailing contacts that have downloaded something, or contacts with a specific persona.
  • Conversations inbox: Create a shared inbox where all incoming email and chat conversations come together. Anyone of your team can access it, which is useful when your sales team wants to know what support has been discussed with clients. The free hub lets you create 1 shared conversations inbox.
  • Live chat: Create a chat for one-to-one contact with your website visitors. The free plan shows HubSpot branding at the bottom of the chat.
  • Conversational bots: Get started with chatbots and navigate your web visitors to the right chat agent (only paid Sales or Service Hub users) or the right content. The free conversational bot lets you create tickets, qualifies leads, and book meetings, but offers no custom branching logic. The bots also show HubSpot branding.
  • Dashboard: Get access to 3 dashboards, each showing 10 reports, and see how your marketing performs and where to improve. Get insight into your ROI or see which keyword in your ads campaign generates the most revenue. HubSpot offers a set of standard reports that you can do small edits in, so you only see what you need.

HubSpot Marketing Dashboard

  • Facebook Messenger Integration: You can also integrate Facebook Messenger to start with live chat and chatbot directly from Facebook Messenger.
  • Custom properties: Properties show all known contact, company, deal, and ticket data, such as the name of a contact or the create data of a deal. The free marketing plan lets you create 10 custom properties for contacts, companies, and deals.


Marketing Hub Starter

When you want to get more out of your HubSpot account and start discovering what this toolkit offers, you can begin with Marketing Hub Starter. We recommend most of our clients to start with HubSpot Starter to get used to the many features HubSpot has to offer before going all the way.

The Marketing Hub Starter grants access to the following features:

  • Forms: Besides the forms, you get with the free plan - standalone, pop-up, external, and embedded - you can also add your own styling and set a simple follow-up email.
  • Email marketing: Marketing Hub Starter doesn't show HubSpot branding in your emails anymore, and you can send 5x the amount of contacts you have in your CRM each calendar month. Since Starter offers you 1,000 contacts, the minimum amount of emails you can send is 5,000 per month.
  • Ad management: Besides integrating your ad networks, Starter also offers you the ability to create multiple audiences: expanded website audiences, Facebook Lookalike Audiences, and two contact list audiences.
  • List segmentation: Starter lets you create more smart lists: 25 smart and 25 static lists are now available to you. Filtering is the same as it is with the free Marketing Hub.
  • Conversations inbox: The same as the free plan.
  • Live chat: The same as the free tool, but it won't show HubSpot branding anymore.
  • Conversational bots: This is the same as the free plan, but without HubSpot branding.

HubSpot Chatbot Conversational Bots Sterc

  • Dashboard: Marketing Starter offers you 10 dashboards instead of 3.
  • Facebook Messenger integration: The same features as the free plan, and you can book meetings within Messenger.
  • Custom properties: Now, you can create up to 1,000 custom properties!
  • Landing pages: Straight from within HubSpot, you can create landing pages, using the drag and drop editor, responsive templates that let them function on any device, and reports.
  • Ad retargeting: Get started with retargeting within HubSpot! Starter lets you create 2 contact list audiences, and you have a spending limit of $1K.
  • Currencies: Manage and track up to 5 different currencies in your HubSpot account.
  • Marketing automation: Trigger tasks and email notifications when a deal stage changes.


Marketing Hub Professional features

When you want to get started with marketing automation, the Marketing Hub Professional might be the right plan for you. This hub grants expanded features, marketing automation, blog, CTAs, and social media.

This is what you can expect of Marketing Hub Professional:

  • Forms: Marketing Hub Professional offers depended fields and smart fields. Depended fields only show when a specific answer is given, and smart fields only show the second time a contact fills in a form. Besides, you can set a custom follow-up and get started with targeting.

HubSpot Pop-up Form Sterc

  • Email marketing: With Professional, you can send up to 10x the amount of contacts in your CRM each month. Besides that, you've access to smart content that lets you personalize whole pieces of content, the design manager that enables you to create your own design, blog/RSS email so you'll always email blog updates, A/B testing, and sending based on the timezone of the receiver.
  • Ad management: Instead of a $1K spending limit, you have a spending limit of $10K each month. You also have access to expanded website audiences, Facebook Lookalike audiences, and 5 contact list audiences synced daily.
  • List segmentation: With Professional, you can create up to 1,000 smart lists and 1,000 static lists, without any filter limitations.
  • Conversations inbox: Create up to 100 shared inboxes.
  • Live chat: The same as Starter Hub.
  • Conversational bots: Besides the features you get with Starter - ticket creation, lead qualification, and book meeting - you can also create custom branching logic and advanced targeting.
  • Dashboard: Create 25 dashboards, each dashboard showing up to 20 reports.
  • Messenger integration: Besides the features Starter has to offer, you can also create advanced Messenger bot branching and have access to advanced reporting.
  • Custom properties: Professional also gives access to 1,000 custom properties.
  • Landing pages: Besides the drag and drop editor, responsive templates, and reporting functionalities, Professional also provides you with custom domain names and templates, smart content, a design manager to create your own designs, and A/B testing.
  • Ad retargeting: Instead of $1K and 2 audiences, you get 5 audiences and a $10K spending limit.
  • Currencies: You can add up to 30 different currencies to your HubSpot account.
  • Blog: Within HubSpot Professional, you can get started with your blog!
  • SEO: Get recommendations and optimizations to improve your SEO. HubSpot identifies SEO problems on your website and teaches you how to optimize your pages to get more organic traffic.
  • Content strategy: Create topic clusters of subjects that link to your pillar pages (expanded pages about one of your primary topics). That's how you help search engines crawl your website and show you're an expert in this area.
  • Google search console integration: This integration shows everything Google search console sees on your website directly within HubSpot, such as ranking, related search queries, impressions, and click-through rate.
  • CTAs: Professional provides you with calls-to-action. HubSpot lets you personalize, A/B test, and track the results of these CTAs, so you guide your visitors to the right content fast, and visitors can convert more quickly.
  • Social media: Connect your social media channels to your HubSpot account and post your newest updates directly from HubSpot. HubSpot Professional lets you connect up to 50 social accounts and post and schedule 10,000 updates each month. You can schedule a post up to 3 years upfront. Professional doesn't include YouTube.
  • Marketing automation: Get started with marketing automation! Automate tasks, emails, social media posts, and ads. Marketing Hub Professional lets you create 300 workflows.
  • Salesforce integration: If you're already using Salesforce, then you can keep your data in sync with HubSpot using this integration. Professional gives access to up to 1,000 field mappings, 10,000 Salesforce owners, and 1 account.
  • Smart content: Smart content lets you get started with personalization. Personalize your website and emails by using criteria to show other content to your target group segments. 
  • Attribution reports: See which marketing activities created the most contacts and generated the most revenues. Professional provides you with 1 attribution model and 2 attribution objects.
  • A/B testing: Discover which content and design work best with your target audience and test landing pages and your website to see which one performs best.
  • Video hosting: Host and manage video files in HubSpot. You can embed videos on your website pages or place them in social posts. Add CTAs and forms to your videos and guide viewers to the right page or let them convert with ease.
  • Teams: Organize your users into teams based on region, business unit, product line, etc. Assign marketing assets and database records to teams. And get regular team performance reports too. Professional lets you create up to 10 teams.
  • Custom reporting: Marketing Hub Professional lets you create your own reports, so you'll only see the data you need and improve your marketing. You get access to 100 custom reports.
  • Contact scoring: Create criteria to let contacts score points based on desired behavior, such as downloading an ebook, filling in a contact form, opening a newsletter, and any other marketing activity. With contact scoring, you keep track of your contacts, know how interested they are in your company, and, therefore, if they are sales-ready. Marketing Hub Professional allows you to set 5 score properties.


HubSpot Contact en Company Scoring


  • Company scoring: The same as contact scoring, but then for company properties and associated objects such as contacts and deals. With Professional, you can create up to 5 company scoring properties.
  • Campaigns: Group specific pieces of content into one campaign and see how your landing pages, blog posts, CTAs, and more contribute to achieving your goals. With Professional, you can create up to 1,000 campaigns.
  • Calculated properties: Build custom equations to keep track of your expanding contact database.
  • Website traffic analytics: See how your website and landing pages perform with filters such as bounce rate, average time on page, and more.
  • Record customization: Add additional sections to your contact, company, deal, and ticket records. With Marketing Hub Professional, you can add up to 20 custom views per object type.
  • ABM tools: Get started with Account-Based Marketing and get access to a dashboard showing all target accounts.
  • Phone support: Call HubSpot's support team if you need help.


Marketing Hub Enterprise

For the great ones of us that want to go a little further, there's the Marketing Hub Enterprise. In this Hub, you can get started with everything Professional has to offer. You also unlock features such as predictive lead scoring, segmentation based on specific actions, and get started with YouTube. Besides that, the single sign-on feature makes your HubSpot more secure and more accessible to login.


This is what Marketing Hub Enterprise has to offer you:

  • Forms: The same as Marketing Hub Professional.

HubSpot Formulieren

  • Email marketing: Now you can send up to 10 times the amount of contacts you have in your CRM of emails. With Enterprise, you can insert multiple CAN-SPAM footers and set send frequency caps, so your subscribers won't ever get annoyed by your emails. Less is more!
  • Ad management: Enterprise has a spending limit of $30K; it also lets you create up to 15 contact list audiences besides the expanded website audiences and Facebook Lookalike audiences.
  • Lijst segmentation: You can create 1,500 smart and 1,500 static lists.
  • Conversations inbox: Just like Professional, you can create up to 100 shared inboxes.
  • Live chat: The same as the Starter Hub.
  • Conversational bots: Besides the functionalities of Professional - ticket creation, support, lead qualification, and custom branching logic - Enterprise allows you to code your own bots and create webhooks.
  • Dashboard: Enterprise lets you create 50 dashboards, each containing up to 20 reports.
  • Messenger integration: You can now create your own code snippets to develop unique Messenger bot actions.
  • Custom properties: Just like Starter and Professional, you can create up to 1,000 custom properties.
  • Landing pages: Besides the functionalities of Professional, you also use other testing methods.
  • Ad retargeting: Like ad management, Enterprise allows you to create 15 contact list audiences, and up to $30K spend limit each month.
  • Currencies: Enterprise allows you to add up to 200 different currencies.
  • Blog: The same as Professional.
  • SEO: The same as Professional.
  • Content strategy: Same as Professional.
  • Google search console integration: Same as Professional.
  • CTAs: Same as Professional.
  • Social media: You can now connect up to 300 socials accounts and post up to 10,000 updates each month. YouTube is also included.
  • Marketing automation: Create up to 1,000 workflows!
  • Salesforce integration: The same as Professional.
  • Smart content: Same as Professional.
  • Attribution reporting: Instead of 1 attribution model and 2 attribution objects, Enterprise allows you to create 6 attribution models, and 3 attribution objects.
  • A/B testing: The same as Professional.
  • Video hosting: The same functionalities as Professional.
  • Teams: Create up to 300 teams and create hierarchy in your teams.
  • Hierarchical teams: Organize the users within each team based on team, region, business unit, brand, or any other dimension, to suit the way your business works.
  • Custom reporting: Create up to 500 custom reports.
  • Contact scoring: Create 25 contact scoring properties.
  • Company scoring: Create 25 company scoring properties.
  • Predictive lead scoring: You can also automate the scoring process and make predictions, so you know which prospects might be interesting for you.
  • Campaigns: The same as Professional.
  • Calculated properties: Create up to 200 equations.
  • Website traffic analytics: The same as Professional.
  • Record customization: With Professional, you could only change and add sections to your record layouts. Enterprise allows you to create your own layouts.
  • ABM: The same as Professional.

HubSpot Account-Based Marketing Target Accounts

  • Adaptive testing: Get started with AI and machine learning to automate and enhance the testing process. You can create up to 5 different variations.
  • User roles: Give each user its own role and permissions.
  • Social permissions: Define which users can post social updates and who can only view or create.
  • Custom event triggers: Set tasks automatically when visitors perform specific actions on your website.
  • YouTube integration: See how your YouTube videos perform right from within your HubSpot account.
  • Webhooks: A webhook lets you pass information from your HubSpot account to other web applications to collaborate fluently. With webhooks, you basically integrate HubSpot with your external software, something we've created a HubSpot API for. This HubSpot API lets the MODX CMS and HubSpot collaborate and enhance each other.
  • Single sign-on: Single sign-on makes it easy for users to log into their account while enhancing security.
  • Phone support: Call HubSpot's support team when you need to get a quick answer to your questions.

HubSpot keeps changing, updating, and expanding its functionalities, so it might happen that functionalities shown above aren't available for certain plans or that plans have changed. We try to keep this information up-to-date so that you won't miss out on any features.


Marketing Hub add-ons

Besides the different plans within the Marketing Hub, HubSpot also offers the possibility to add more contacts and choose between various add-ons. These add-ons further expand your HubSpot account with additional functionalities.

The add-ons of the Marketing Hub are:

  • Reporting: Increase the amount of dashboard to 300 and create up to 3,000 custom reports.
  • Ads: Increase your ad spending limit to $50K and create up to 50 extra audiences.
  • Custom SSL: Your Professional and Enterprise plan come with an SSL-certificate that grants web visitors online security. This custom SSL is a premium SSL that lets you make additional customizations.
  • API: Increase the API call volume between your HubSpot account and the integrated services to 1,000,000 calls per day.


Pricing Marketing Hub

This all sounds great, of course, but what does it cost? Great question! HubSpot's pricing also changes regularly, so they keep up-to-date with the current situation and the needs of their customers. Below you'll find a few examples of the Marketing Hub's pricing:

Of course, the Marketing Hub Starter is the cheapest one of all. Starting with 1,000 contacts, you can get Marketing Hub Starter for just € 46 per month. When you need to save more contacts in your CRM, you can upgrade this without having to pay for Marketing Hub Professional. The amount of contacts is calculated per 1,000 contacts. When you have about 2,000 contacts in your CRM, you'll pay € 92 per month, which is € 46 for the first 1,000 extra contacts. However, if you have 5,000 contacts in your CRM, then you get the following calculation:

  • The first 1,000 contacts are free
  • The second and third 1,000 contacts are € 46 per 1,000 contacts, so € 92
  • The fourth and fifth 1,000 contacts are € 40 per 1,000 contacts, so € 80
  • The total amount you pay for 5,000 contacts with Marketing Hub Starter is € 46 + € 92 + € 80 = € 218 per month.

HubSpot Marketing Hub Pricing


Because Marketing Hub Professional has more features, you pay for every 1,000 contacts extra € 45 extra per month.

With Marketing Hub Enterprise, it's a little bit different. Enterprise offers you 10,000 contacts you can save in your CRM. If that isn't sufficient, you only pay € 9 per month extra for every 1,000 contacts.

Do you want to know all the pricing of the Marketing Hub? Visit https://www.hubspot.com/pricing/marketing and choose your desired plan and the number of contacts to get started.


Get Started With HubSpot's Marketing Hub

Together with our HubSpot partner Seefore, we implement HubSpot for your organization. We can integrate anything with HubSpot, but our integration with MODX is unique. With our HubSpot API, we can fully integrate HubSpot in the MODX content management system, so you can get started with features such as chat(bot), forms, CTAs, and personalization. Directly within the MODX CMS, you can personalize elements or complete pages based on one or more data sources, such as persona, lifecycle stage, and also the weather and the location of the website visitor.

MODX HubSpot API Personalisatie

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